Meatomania: in search of the perfect snack!

Biltong Meatomania - Avons nous créé le snack parfait?

Meatomania is here and we hope you like our products as much as we do.

 For a long time, we have been looking for a snack that is:

  • Delicious to taste,
  • Able to calm any cravings at any time,
  • Poor in sugars and fats,
  • 100% natural (i.e. without anything chemical)
  • Rich in protein to feel full.

As we couldn't find any snack that matched these criteria, we spent 2 years adapting the traditional South African recipe of biltong: a beef delicacy, delicately marinated in vinegar, salt, coriander and spices (including our own secret Meatomania blend!) then air dried for about a week.

Our biltong is made in Montpellier, France from pieces of locally raised, grass-fed Aubrac beef and we have developed 4 unique recipes to suit all tastes: Original, Smoked Garlic, Chilli and Cumin.

The result: an incredible tasting natural snack that you can enjoy as an aperitif, in the office, on the go, before or after a workout and, in general, anytime you crave a delicious snack.

Biltong Meatomania is naturally sugar-free, low in fat and high in protein (52%) so it is perfectly suited to those who want to build muscle or follow a reasonable diet (Keto, Paleo, etc.)

We'll get into more details soon but, in the meantime, give it a try and discover your new favourite snack on !



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