When is your biltong break?

La pause Biltong Meatomania avec du boeuf séché

You may already know that our (fantastic) Meatomania biltong is one of the highest sources of natural protein (while being low in fat and sugar) - but how and how often should you enjoy this outstanding snack?

Our biltong is versatile, available whenever you want without any preparation. Here are some suggestions!

1/ A restorative post-workout snack. Exercising creates micro tears in your muscles - so the harder you work, the more tears there are. Eating protein-rich foods helps repair these tears, allowing your muscles to repair and strengthen. Enjoying just one 50g sachet of biltong Meatomania within an hour of your workout is a great way to give your body the quality protein it needs to recover.

2/ Ideal for lunch pack. Kids running all day to school and you running all day to work both burn energy and need a healthy dose of protein. So putting a bag of biltong in the lunch box helps you stay full longer and get through the day. Rest assured our biltong contains no nitrates, no MSG, no added sugar, no chemical substitutes and only 2% sodium.

3/ As an aperitif. Whether paired with a red wine or a cold beer - instead of a bag of crisps, why not crack open our large (150g) sharing bag of biltong Meatomania with your friends while watching a game? Unlike jerky, our biltong is very low in fat because we only use the best grass-fed French beef from sustainable sources. And unlike jerky, Meatomania biltong contains no added sugar or MSG.

4/ On the move. Are you going on a hike or for a trip? Avoid the pitfall trap that leads to gas station sandwich consumption and, instead, take a bag (or two…) of your favourite biltong with you (with 4 delicious recipes, the choice is yours!)

5/ Cook it! Instead of adding ham or chicken to your salads, just add biltong. Our favourite biltong salad takes no time to prepare: just take a 50g sachet and toss with 1 small lettuce, 1 sliced avocado, 1/2 finely chopped red onion, a handful of arugula leaves, 1/2 red bell pepper diced and 1/4 sliced cucumber. Bingo, that's it! We also highly recommend our biltong in a quiche Lorraine or with pasta. Enjoy your lunch!

And you, when is your biltong break?

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