Biltong Meatomania: le meilleur du boeuf séché Biltong Meatomania: le meilleur du boeuf séché, tranché avec ail, coriandre et sel

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(Almost) everything about biltong

If you have visited South Africa, you are probably familiar with biltong and you will be won over by our premium air-dried beef products.

If not, get ready to discover your favourite snack!

Birth of Biltong

In the beginning

For thousands of years and across the world, our ancestors have developed techniques for preserving meat based on drying and curing. In southern Africa, the Khoisan peoples preserved the flesh of animals obtained from hunting and breeding.

400 years ago...

The arrival of Dutch and Huguenot settlers in this region made it possible to refine these techniques by adding vinegar and a variety of spices and gave birth to biltong. The meats used are diverse: beef, antelope, ostrich, etc.


Meatomania has revisited these traditional recipes by avoiding the addition of sugar and allergens while preserving the essential: the taste and nutritional qualities of exceptional meat.

Take an exceptional meat
1/ Beef

The Aubrac or Limousine silverside is a tasty piece, very low in fat and ours come mainly from local farms selected by our partners.

Marinate it
2/ Spices

Cut into steaks, the meat is marinated for 12 hours in a clever mixture of vinegar, salt, pepper and spices. This marinade makes it possible to affirm the taste of biltong Meatomania and to start its conservation.

Know how to dry it
3/ Drying

The marinated steaks are then air-dried, in a controlled environment, for 4 to 5 days depending on the degree of drying desired: each steak loses approximately 50% of its weight. This method of preservation, without cooking, preserves all the nutritional qualities of the biltong.

Pack it
4/ Cutting

Ready to eat, the biltong steaks are sliced and packaged to reach you as quickly as possible.

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