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Your new favourite snack:
the biltong
100% natural premium air-dried beef with no added sugar
no added sugar or preservatives
The best of premium air-dried beef

The biltong is a delicious South African specialty made from air dried meat.

Rich in protein, it can be eaten as a snack, as an aperitif, at work or after a sports session.

Meatomania biltong is produced in France with exceptional beef from local farms.

Our exclusive recipe guarantees you a product 100% natural, no added sugar and no nitrates,

Biltong Meatomania:
4 recipes for a unique snack

Original, Smoked Garlic, Chilli and Cumin
delicious, healthy and natural
The snack that has it all

Finally a snack to enjoy without feeling guilty: our exclusive recipes sublimate the good taste of beef with the subtle tones of a blend of spices to satisfy you while avoiding the addition of sugar and artificial ingredients.


52% natural protein makes our biltong the best protein boost for your muscles.


Absolutely no artificial additives and no allergens (no gluten, lactose, etc.)


Less than 1% sugar and less than 5% fat, finally a snack to devour without feeling guilty.

Get some energy!
Need energy?

Choose a snack rich in natural proteins (52%), with no added sugar and low in fat: packed with energy, it will be the ideal companion for your sporting activities and the best ally for your muscles: 100g of biltong is equivalent to a fresh steak weighing approximately 220g! 

The best way to chew
Good everywhere!

A reserve of energy that follows you everywhere: on hikes, on the go, at the office, at the gym, on foot, on horseback and in the car. Yes, by bike too.

Blog Meatomania

Our biltong is a snack available whenever you want, without any preparation. Here are some suggestions for tasting it: in a nutshell: aperitif, work, hike :)
Do you know the differences between Biltong and Jerky? Both are beef snacks, but only one of them is a healthy, tasty, sustainable and delicious beef snack. Make your choice!

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